The Craft of You, Inc.!

Everyone’s best work should be expressed to the world, whether it be the work of a street sweeper or the work of an entrepreneur.
The results of labor are representative of hundreds of man hours of other people laboring as well.  
We can approach that fact like Daniel Plainviewor Fred C. Dobbs, but the fact is, that dying empty should be the ultimate goal of everyone in a collaborative economy.
We understand that conflicts can arise when the issues is more about getting food on the table than getting spiritual fulfillment, but the long odds, the long game, should be played by focusing on the process, rather than the results.
And with millenials eschewing the corporate world for entrepreneurship, more and more of us (80 million at last count) are going to be demanding a society where dying emptied of your most creative work is the norm rather than the exception.
Want to be a better street sweeper? Want to develop into a better person?
Then, sign up for the February 19thHSCT Seminar, Developing the Leader Within, held at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Broome County for only $89.99! A LIMITED NUMBER OF SPACES ARE STILL AVAILABLE!
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We would love to see you there!
-Peace Be With You All-
Jesan Sorrells, MA
Principal Conflict Engagement Consultant
Human Services Consulting and Training (HSCT)
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