[Opinion] I Am the One Who Knocks on Bad Water

We here at HSCT are fans of the AMC show Breaking Bad.


We are currently binging on the last few episodes of the series on Netflix… a service of which we are also big fans.

One of the narrative elements of the show that coursed consistently through its five seasons was water:

  • Water in pools
  • Water used to clean up after a meth making accident
  • Water used to replace a chemical stolen from a train

And on and on.

In a crucial conversation, the pool of meaning is filled with “stuff”—emotions, ideas, thoughts, reactions and responses—that determine how the conversation will proceed.

Of course, if that crucial conversation is occurring around something that matters, then the pool of meaning can be filled with some brackish water.

On Breaking Bad, pools (and water) are used for cleansing and clarity. Or, sometimes, like in The Graduate, as a place to “just, sort of, float along peacefully.”

In a crucial conversation though, the pool can be filled with “shared” meaning—where each participant is being a careful steward to the reactions, emotions and responses of the other party.

Or it can be filled with “personal” meaning—where each participant jealousy guards their own reactions, emotions and responses and uses them as weapons against the other party.

We here at HSCT don’t condone violence, and Breaking Bad serves as an awesome commentary on the state of the contemporary American psyche, but wouldn’t it have gone better for Walter if he had operated on the principles of abundance and shared his pool of meaning sooner?

[Thanks to Breaking Bad & Philosophy for pointing out some of these things to me.]

We would love to see you there!

-Peace Be With You All-

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