HIT Piece 06.07.2016

Tips, tricks, and hacks are everywhere across the Internet. As a matter of fact, I was informed of this by another professional recently.

Listicles are popular because they don’t take much time to digest, they appear to satisfy an immediate need, and they are about a short-term “pop” versus a long-term commitment to changing something that might not work.

It seems though, that the trend toward distilling, “dumbing down,” and demystifying is actually really starting to ramp up in the advice, opinion, “best practices,” coaching spaces of the Internet. As lifestyle entrepreneurs have to get more real as the glut in advice means chasing fewer dollars and more pennies they are going to have to decide to either push more listicles (a safe bet) or to advance into telling the truth (a risky bet).

Making a decision to create products that are built on taking apart assumptions, philosophies, “sacred cows,” and conventional wisdom, is a difficult decision because there’s a risk that the person doing it won’t be liked, hired, or referred to. Making such a decision requires a genuine, calculation examination of personal risk tolerance and stating out loud, and unequivocally, what you can afford to lose.  Making such a decision means abandoning the mass audience, the mass attention, and the mass awareness, and choosing, instead, to talk only to the true fans, who need to hear what must be said.

There is a choice to be made to no longer engage in listicles, hacks, one-sheets, “silver bullets” and situational advice, and to instead go deep into the heart of what matters with people; to go on a collaborative, uncomfortable, and scary journey, not focused on the past, but aimed at the future.

The decision to do this, and the courage to act on such a decision is a linchpin act. It is an act that makes a person invaluable, because Truth is scarce, but the courage to say the Truth is even scarcer, and the courage to say the Truth, and to stand by it through whatever consequences, is rarer still.

I am on the journey to making some decisions, as I hew closer and closer to the Truth. Are you interested in going on this journey?

-Peace Be With You All-

Jesan Sorrells, MA
Principal Conflict Engagement Consultant
Human Services Consulting and Training (HSCT)
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