Guest Blogger Heidi Eckerson: Massaging with the Enemy

And our guest blogger series for this month concludes with a contribution from Heidi Eckerson of Revolution Massage Therapy in Endicott, NY.
A graduate of the Finger Lakes School of Massage in Ithaca, Revolution owner and NYS Licensed Massage Therapist Heidi Eckerson trained in the science of the body and the art of massage.
Heidi is dedicated to collaborating with her clients to design massage sessions that promote their wellness in a safe, effective, holistic way.   To learn more about her practice visit Revolution Massage Therapy’s website Revolution Massage Therapy and follow her on Facebook.
Some guy named Eddie emailed me about joining his group at the BU Health Fair.  “We’re reaching out to all the therapists there. Last year we set up a chair massage corral.”
Thanks, but no thanks.  I had my own booth, promoting my own  practice.  I wanted to stand out.
I arrived early at the Events Center to set up.
Then, one by one, they came. Lugging massage chairs and other gear. They moved tables, discussed the layout—even considered my space!  Handing me a brochure, Eddie introduced himself.  He was President and founder of AIM—Association of Independent Massage Therapists.
He rattled off their names: Lynne with her do-it-yourself face cradle covers.  Marilyn, insisting I visit the other vendors.  Charles my Shiatsu teacher.  Elena ushered clients into our chairs.  The next thing I knew, I was annexed by this group of massage therapists—not quite “join or die” but ….
There was another massage business there.  And they stood out with their flashy tablecloth, win-to-spin prize wheel, and bowl of candy.  But they lacked our energy.  People passed them by, lining up at our chair massage corral.
I am now secretary of AIM.  Members have their own practices, but pool resources to do bigger things: educate people on the benefits of massage; coordinate massage at community events.
We share experiences and advice.  My business, Revolution Massage Therapy, has grown because of collaboration with my competition.  We stand out by standing together.
Standing out is what a leader does.
You can stand out as well…once you know your leadership style.
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-Peace Be With You All-
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