Tipping Point of Pain

The economic/social distinction between work modes still exists in our evolving economy, because too many people—even in a collaborative economy—still maintain a Cold War, “employee mentality.”
  • The “employee mentality” says that work is a drudgery made to be rewarded through a steady salary, but avoided at all costs at the same time.
  • The “employee mentality” says that the “big scary” thing is going off on your own and that the safe, normal thing is staying with the ship—even as its sinking.
  • The “employee mentality” says that organizations, associations, businesses, governmental systems and the economy will “just somehow continue on” in spite of the disruptions that have occurred through social media, the Internet, technology, sharing, shopping and buying.
We here at HSCT agree with Pam Slim and her perspective, as well as Todd Henry, and we wonder if the newly released CBO numbers around the Affordable HealthCare Act will force people—a tipping point of pain—to make better, long-term strategic choices for more opportunities.
We hope so, because “side hustles” and entrepreneurship must become the “new” normal way the economy works, in a world where a full time, two income lifestyle, cannot be maintained in a part-time, one or one and one half income reality.
Or else there will be a lot more conflicts, disruptions and difficulties to come.
-Peace Be With You All-
Jesan Sorrells, MA
Principal Conflict Engagement Consultant
Human Services Consulting and Training (HSCT)
Email HSCT: hsconsultingandtraining@gmail.com

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