Scrooged Buying

What kind of guy was Ebenezer Scrooge?

The character, created by Charles Dickens, was a conglomeration of many things, but was perhaps originally intended as a critique against Adam Smith economic theory.
The ideas of poverty and lack put forth by Thomas Malthus may also have influenced Dickens’ creation of the character.
In essence, Scrooge is the perfect marketing character for molding buying habits around the holidays for the dawn, the life, and the death of the Industrial era.
His tale has translated well from the dime novel format to that relic of the Industrial era—television—and has been featured in, literally thousands, of shows, musicals, books, plays, and even audio productions.
Two questions occur then:
  • In an abundance economy, where selfishness, greed and individualism are eliminated, will there be any room for the Scrooge story of redemption through learning lessons about the Past, the Present and the Future?
  • Will the kids still listen and tell their kids the story digitally 80 years from now on whatever “gee-whiz” distribution gadget will be foisted upon us by the fine folks at Google?



-Peace Be With You All-

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