On 100 Posts, Or Post #101

Today is a milestone for the Human Services Consulting and Training Communication Blog and for myself, Jesan Sorrells.
Today marks the day that I have crossed the threshold of 100 posts on my blog here. I have chased the dragon and it has been tiring, sometimes dispiriting but always informative.
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I have relentlessly tracked analytics and some of my posts, no matter how well written, have attracted only minimal attention. 
While others, written in the spur of the moment—in an airport, on a rugby field, at a party, scribbled into a moleskin after having a drink—have been the most viewed ones here on my blog.
In my 100 post journey I have learned that images matter, ideas and concepts must resonate, and that calls to action are easier written than done.
I have learned that cross posting to Facebook is sometimes a fool’s game and that Twitter can be a blogger’s best friend.
I have learned that LinkedIn rewards those who spend time nurturing a relationship with her and that sometimes just talking about peace isn’t quite enough.
I have learned that 200 words is about the extent of an attention span in a blog post and that if I’m going to ever write a book about all of this, it’ll have to start here first.
Who’s with me to the 200th?
-Peace Be With You All-
Jesan Sorrells, MA 
Principal Conflict Engagement Consultant
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