HIT Piece 8.02.2016

August is an interesting month.

The number of “out of office” email autoresponders goes up, even as the number of deal goes down.

Clients become immune to appeals to work, even as the days grow hotter and more humid.

Sales calls become more difficult, primarily because no one on the other end of the call can say “yes” to a proposal, but almost every person on the other end can say “no.”

Motivation drops as the temperature rises and the people who do the best in the month of August seem to be the ones who go on vacation the most.

And then there’s the flipside.

Some people double down on work, and try to become more focused on setting up the next quarter, so that when September, October, November, and even December arrive, they can finish the year strong.

For those people, August is a frustration and a slog. A grind through other people’s decisions and motivations, without an end. It becomes a time to refocus on what matter to them and their grind, rather than focusing on what can make them the most dollars.

For me, August is a combination of all of those things.

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