HIT Piece 4.28.2015

I’ve been thinking about the depth of change, the nature of adoption and what it takes to move the meter.

As I have moved from mediations (trying to show parties how they can repair a boat with holes in it that may or may not have already hit the iceberg) to corporate training (trying to show parties how to build a better boat in the first place), I have noticed myself becoming more illusioned.

This is the opposite of what I’ve been told should be happening (or what some of my posts from last week seem to reflect here and here) but, instead of becoming disillusioned, I am actually becoming more hopeful.

A participant at a training last week gave me some great feedback. He said, “Never before have I been in a training that was focused on being holistic. In work, out of work, all this stuff that you’ve been talking about can be applied everywhere, to your whole life.”


The idea of late adoption versus early adoption in product and service development is based in the power of stories. One group of people tells themselves one set of stories about a product, a service or an idea. Another group of people tells themselves another group of stories about the same things. But, eventually, a culture (or individuals) change, because of the overwhelming weight of one story over another.

Conflicts, confrontations and difficulties are the same way. We built our lives by telling ourselves stories. It’s refreshing in our daily lives (in the middle of the story, starring us) to run across someone who tells you to have the courage to unmake the story (or untell it, if you will) that has ruled your life for many years.

Yeah, I’m becoming illusioned….

-Peace Be With You All-

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