HIT Piece 4.14.2015

The trouble with leading alone is finding a worthy assistant.

I’m not talking about employees, interns or associates. I’m talking about a genuine, worthy assistant. In the old school parlance of warfare, an armor bearer.

A person who, will carry the armor and assist a commander in battle. We in the West (outside of religious and sectarian spheres) have reduced this role to that of a “paid friend” but the role of an armor bearer was very important in ancient warfare.

The trouble with leading by yourself (the trouble with soloprenuership) is finding a person who will show up. More importantly, that person must be loyal, have a good heart and strong morals and be able to handle uncertainty and risk. All while trusting that the vision of the soloprenuer is going to get everybody to the place where it says on the map.

The trouble with leading alone, these days, is finding someone who will show up consistently. How can I find someone who will show up for pay, when very few people are willing to show up and expend emotional effort for free?

Carrying, cleaning and maintaining the armor and going to war (to push the analogy further) all at the same time is emotionally, psychologically and even financially exhausting.

Where will I find a truly loyal person in the midst of this city?

-Peace Be With You All-

Jesan Sorrells, MA
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