HIT Piece 1.13.2015

I am fascinated by diagnostic instruments.

These are tools, such as DiSC, the STRONG Inventory, the MBTI, the Thomas-Killman Instrument and others, that purport to help people understand what’s going on inside of their own motivations.

Unfortunately, these diagnostic instruments have not evolved over time to reflect advances in neurobiology, psychology, sociology and even anthropology and linguistics.

I believe that this is a problem, particularly as leap-frog advancements in high tech, computational fields have allowed people (at the individual and group level) to integrate more and more reacting and responding with their prosocial tools.

I think we should take apart some of these old diagnostic tools and test some assumptions, before foisting them on a generation who’s brains and responses have been socially molded by advancements that weren’t even dreamed possible at the time of their creation.

[Shout out to Sherrill Hayes for turning me onto this.]

-Peace Be With You All-

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