Get The “Duck” Outta Here!

“Rubber Ducky, you’re the one, you make bath time lots of fun. Rubber Ducky, I’m awfully fond of you.”-Ernie (of Bert ‘n’ Ernie)

Here at Human Services Consulting and Training, we have had many adventures in the last 8 months of building a business in the Southern Tier of New York State.
We have had the honor of meeting and talking with local business owners, entrepreneurs, higher education officials, a few civic leaders and even the occasional member of the media.
We have been blogging, Tweeting, Facebook-ing (is that a word) and connecting on LinkedIn in order to spread the word about our mission: To help YOU ethically attain PEACE in YOUR life.
We have also had our trials and tribulations: It’s always called a “lean-start-up” or “bootstrapping” when nothing is working.
When there are days that clients don’t call back, leads don’t pan out, promises aren’t always kept and people sometimes respond to an offering of peace as if the stick of war were coming at them.
We have been called many things by many people, and we have battled pigeonholing ourselves in many ways to appeal to many audiences, all the while maintaining our core focus on our target–YOU.
We’ve blogged some things that were controversial and we’ve said some things that rock the proverbial boat, but we genuinely believe that they only way to attain peace is to first acknowledge some base-level Truth and then go from there.
But, in all of this time, we haven’t had a mascot. A leader if you will. A cheerleader, if you must. We have not had an all-important symbol to recognize the HSCT “brand” by for YOU the customer, reader or vendor.
As you can tell, the décor has changed on the blog, as well as on the Facebook page, the Google + page and, soon, the Twitter background.
We told a group of people one time, that the most important thing to remember in a conversation was to “duck.” That doesn’t mean avoid or accommodate. Instead, it means to look out for yourself, your head, your emotions, your soul, your mind and your outcomes.
Because if you don’t “duck” today, as any good, surviving soldier, police officer or fireman can tell you, you may not have an opportunity to save someone or something more valuable tomorrow.
-Peace Be With You All-Jesan Sorrells, MA
Principal Conflict Engagement Consultant
Human Services Consulting and Training (HSCT)
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