[Podcast] Earbud_U Episode #5 – Diane Lange

Earbud_U Episode #5- Diane Lange Owner & Founder, Proclivity, LLC., Entrepreneur,Organizational Development Consultant, Corporate Trainer, Author & Blogger



There are times that I talk with people in fields associated with mine, who are doing things in a different way than I am doing them but are getting the same—or even better—results than I am.

I think that this interest comes about because I am inherently a generalist in a world of specialists.  I think that my interest also stems from being deeply ensconced in the interdisciplinary aspects of conflict resolution and reconciliation.

As human beings in an economic and social world, only beginning to recover from the hangover of the Industrial Revolution, our responsibility is to be interdisciplinary.

We can’t know everything, that’s the point of the social web; but we also have a responsibility to make as many connections between disparate pieces of information as is humanely possible.

That’s where organizational development and conflict resolution practitioners can really shine, because in a world of specialists, sometimes it takes a broad thinking generalist to make the connections that many organizations can’t—and won’t—make.

Diane Lange has taken some time away from Proclivity, LLC, but she is always going to be an entrepreneur, a founder and an active thinker. You should get her into your organization.

Here’s all the ways to connect with her:

Diane Lange & Proclivity, LLC on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ProclivitlLlc?sk=info&tab=overview

Diane Lange on Twitter: https://twitter.com/prodiane

Diane Lange on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dianelange

Proclivity, LLC Website & Blog: http://proclivityllc.com/

Self-Directed Leadership: http://proclivityllc.com/self-directed-leadership/

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