[Advice] Consequences…

…are the stickiest thing to address in a conflict.

Are we all in agreement about that?
Paralysis can occur when over analysis happens before a conflict even begins. Conflicts—and their sisters, Difficulty and Confrontation—ebb and flow, just like the river. And, when two people dip into the river, they never step into it at the same place at the same time.
If we over analyze how we are going to solve the problem, then the chances that we will be taken by surprise by a consequence in a conflict is almost guaranteed. People and situations are fluid from minute to minute, hour to hour.
  •  Just ask any first responder.
  •  Just ask any first grade teacher.
  •  Just ask any personal trainer.
 However, this fact does not free us from the responsibility to engage in the tough tactical and strategic skill building practices that will help us be able to harness the power of the creativity in the unintended consequence, as well as the intended consequence.
So, the challenge question on Monday becomes: What is stopping you from acknowledging your weaknesses in your strategic approach to the consequences of conflicts in your life?

-Peace Be With You All-

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