Artificial Wisdom

There is a demonstrable difference between intelligence and wisdom.
After watching the new Cosmos, with host Neil DeGrasse Tyson, we here at HSCT are amazed at how much human beings have accomplished.
It’s a miracle that we go from arguing with our parents and spilling our lunch down our shirts to going to engineering machines that can take people to the moon in the space of 32 years.
This is a human miracle that is very rarely commented on and when it is, we usually dismiss it and instead focus on our co-worker with the messy, meatball sandwich laden shirt who is 32.

  • Intelligence gets us to the moon.
  • Intelligence engineers Facebook and Google.
  • Intelligence determines how much concrete and steel need to go into a bridge to make it stand.
  • Intelligence measures how much water needs to go into a flower to make it grow.

But wisdom…well…that’s another thing altogether, right?

  • Wisdom waxes poetic about the shape of the moon and its meaning in our lives.
  • Wisdom ponders turning off the computer and turning to offline relationships.
  • Wisdom causes us to care (or not) about the plight of the people under the bridge.
  • Wisdom calls to us to touch the flower and talk to it to encourage its growth.

Does your computer, or Google, have that?
In a very short amount of cosmic time, we have managed to slice a sliver from the great stone of knowledge, but HSCT’s concern is that we have not attained the commensurate wisdom to go along with it.
HSCT’s conflict engagement consultant, Jesan Sorrells, will be presenting on the issue of online reputation maintenance in a world where virtues and traits such as love and wisdom, are not often addressed.
Register for this FREE event here stay for the day.
We would love to see you there!
-Peace Be With You All- 
Jesan Sorrells, MA
Principal Conflict Engagement Consultant
Human Services Consulting and Training (HSCT)
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