[Podcast] Nothing Is What It Seems – The Earbud_U Minute

As our world becomes more and more driven by the visual, and less and less driven by the written word, we seem to have forgotten a basic truth.

As we rush toward the immediate, the sensory, the brief and as we give reign to attention spans that are shaped and dominated by “noise” of endless messaging, we have forgotten a basic truth.

As people become more and more visual and less and less literal—and as our level of patience, persistence and grit decreases—we have forgotten a basic truth.

People, tribes, cultures, organizations and even countries used to place value in symbolism—sometimes, even over the substance of the content around, behind and beneath the symbols themselves.

This old knowledge of, and reverence for, symbols, has become debased in the direction of narrative and the cynicism of optics, where perceptions and framing stand in substitution for symbols and meaning.

As people, tribes, cultures, organizations and even countries, hurl ever closer to the man made glory of a singular, technologically dominated future, we would do well to remember that symbols—beyond flags, colors, phrases or even ritualized acts—still have meaning.

Meaning so deep that they drive our deepest interaction with, and understanding of, our emotions, our assumptions and even our creations, in the world that we are busily—and distractedly—birthing into reality.

-Peace With You All-

Jesan Sorrells, MA
Principal Conflict Engagement Consultant
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