[Advice] Who Matters When Building Your Platform

For the peace building consultant, getting myopia in the pursuit of success, becomes a natural outgrowth of the work.

Pay Attention

But there are people who matter, inside and outside, of all of this:

  • Family Members
  • Team Members
  • Business Mentors
  • Partners
  • The Customers/Clients/Buyers
  • The Audience

We listed those in our order, but other orders will differ, and certain pre-conditions may apply.

The savvy peace builder digs deep when building her project and makes the list. Without the list, there is no forward movement, and then myopia descends into noodling over email for half of the day.

We put the audience at the end of the list for good reason. The savvy peace builder knows that the people who applaud (or don’t applaud, or jeer, or deride, or ignore the project altogether), are not necessarily the most important people in the life of the business.

The savvy peace builder also knows not to confuse the noise of the applause (or the jeers, derision or silence of ignorance) with the importance of the project.

-Peace Be With You All-

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