[Podcast] Earbud_U Episode #2 – Jared Campbell

[Podcast] Earbud_U Episode #2- Jared Campbell, Crossover Musician, The Blue Project Founder, Chris Farly Impersonator

[Podcast] Earbud_U_ Episode #2 -Jared Campbell


Very rarely does a creative individual cross over successfully from one genre to another.

Musicians rarely do this going from Christian music to secular music. Jared Campbell is amazingly talented and gifted musician who has moved seamlessly through performing in Christian venues all the way through producing children’s albums.

He’s also on a path to prevent bullying in high schools and middle schools by striking at the core of the bullying issue: the interior of people.

Jared is doing the most transformative work possible: He’s changing the world through his talent, his message and his calling to a Higher purpose. This is the greatest, most difficult challenge possible.

He’s doing great work in a number of different areas, but please connect with him about the Blue Project and via his website, by following the links below:

The Blue Project: http://jcblueproject.com/

Jared Campbell: http://jaredcampbell.com/

Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/artist/jared-campbell/id283111388

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jcampbelltweet

The Myspace Page: https://myspace.com/jaredcampbell

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jaredcampbellfans

Check out the interview below!

Or, check it out on Soundcloud here–>https://soundcloud.com/jesan-sorrells/earbud_u-episode-2-heyitsjaredcampbell

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[Strategy] Active Listening as Post Modern Art

Paintings, music, stories, and speeches used to be considered artistic pursuits; but, in a world consumed with art as entertainment and media, listening carefully becomes an artistic effort on its own.

In a networking situation, the artistic dance to truly beginning to connect with another person, involves actively listening.

Words are like brushes and the canvas is the networking event. But the person at the event is the artist.

And in a world of shortened attention spans, artistic practice has to filter into everybody’s life, not just the vaunted few who have a TED Talk, or make a movie, or cut a “hit” record, or paint an image in a museum.

Our advice to you: Listen carefully.

The Field

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