HIT Piece 12.16.2014: 3 Blogging Lessons

After blogging for almost two years, I’ve learned a few important things:

  • If I wait for inspiration to write, it won’t ever come. Inspiration happens when my butt hits the seat and I begin to stare at that blinking cursor and the white paper.

I became so much better at this blogging game, when I stopped writing just three times a week “because I just didn’t have time to do more” and started writing 5 times per week. And next year, it’ll be twice a day, five days of the week.

  • Profundity is not the point of the blogging.

If I am seeking to be profound, to stumble upon some sainted truth about entrepreneurship, conflict resolution, peacemaking, marketing, social media communication, my writing is not going to get there. My readers will find, and share, the profundity for me.

  • I write whether you read it or not.

The reason that blogging gets such a bad rap from “serious” writers such as novelists, journalists, research writers and others, is partially because of the nature of issues blogging covers (a “them” problem) and partially because of the lack of consistency and doggedness of bloggers (an “us” problem).

Rest assured, I’m going to keep writing the HSCT #Communication Blog, whether anyone reads it or not. I think of it like Saturday Night Live, which goes on every Saturday night at 11 o’clock (EST) because it’s 11 o’clock, whether anyone is watching it or not.

  • It’s all content.

The podcast, the blogging, the text on my website, the ADRTimes.com blog posts, the Facebook shares, the Quora posts, the Tweets, the workshop content, the keynote speeches, the LinkedIn posts, the e-books, the white papers, the Medium.com posts, the layered images.

It’s ALL content.

-Peace Be With You All-

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