[Podcast] Earbud_U Episode #7 – Shalin Sirkar

Earbud_U Episode #7- Shalin Sirkar – Filmmaker, Social Shaker, Visionary, Feminist, Creative Whirlwind



The process of making a film is collaborative, fulfilling and, at the end of the day, really, really hard.

Shalin Sirkar is an international filmmaker, feminist and politically active visionary who is seeking to make films and create a vision that tells the truth of the world, as she sees it.

She is also a painter, a writer and a person who has stepped out of her comfort zone over and over again to mold a world. And to help others create visions for themselves.

We met Shalin via Twitter, so we would say that she is also a collaborative communicator and a person who knows how to navigate the new, uncharted worlds of social media and social innovation.

Connect with Shalin Sirkar via her website: http://www.shalinsirkar.com/shalinsirkar.com/Welcome.html

Follow Shalin Sirkar on Twitter: https://twitter.com/shalinsirkar

Shalin Sirkar’s Film Company on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChaliaFilms

Chalia Films Website: http://www.chalia.co.za/chalia.co.za/Home.html

Film Contact for Chalia Films:  http://www.filmcontact.com/member/shalin-sirkar


Check Shalin & Chalia Films on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChaliaFilms?fref=nf

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