Earbud_U Season Two, Episode #6 – Ben Giordano

Earbud_U, Season Two, Episode #6 – Ben Giordano, Owner- Freshy Sites, Web Developer, Entrepreneur, All Around Good Guy!

Earbud_U Season Two, Episode #6 - Ben Giordano

Sometimes…some days…podcasting just doesn’t work.

A guest isn’t prepared, the audio doesn’t work, or the host is not prepared.

Sometimes, no matter how prepared the host, the audio, the equipment and the guest are, everything goes right, but there still isn’t enough there!

Our guest today is Ben Giordano, of FreshySites, a local website building business, based in Binghamton, NY but expanding exponentially up and down the East Coast.

Look, I’ll be honest, the interview with Ben was fraught with problems “from the git-go”…as Kramer would have said back in the day.

I managed to get together with Ben after a year of chasing each other and when it was finally go time, the audio equipment failed, the computer (almost) failed, the Internet failed and the signal dropped in the call…everything failed except for us talking.

Which, of course, does no good for the host or the listener and does even less good for the guest.

And, I’m not throwing anybody under the bus here, other than myself…

Anyway, this is the shortest interview to date that I’ve ever had.

It was also the most stressful to date, again, not because of anything that Ben and I did, but because the audio/Internet gods decided to slam down the ban hammer that day.

What are you gonna do…

But, we managed to pull it out and redeem it by the end, and the audio gods left enough over for us to have an interview.

Connect with Ben (and FreshySites) via all the ways you can below, and have him build a website for you:

Ben on twitter: https://twitter.com/bengiordano

FreshySites on Twitter: https://twitter.com/FreshySites

Ben on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bengiordano

FreshySites on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FreshySites/

The FreshySites website: http://freshysites.com/