[Podcast] Earbud_U, Season Two, Episode # 3 – Dr. Joey Cope

Earbud_U, Season Two, Episode # 3 – Dr. Joey Cope, Questioner, Conflict Resolution Practitioner, Dancer with Disputes, A Peacebuilder of Many Colors

Earbud_U Season Two, Episode #4 - Joey Cope

Some people are soft spoken and you get the wrong impression about them.

They tend not to get visibly frustrated, and in my experience, enemies tend to believe that they are pushovers…or worse…

When I first met our guest today, I made a joke about how he “was shorter in person than he appeared to be on the Internet.” I waited a beat, and then, Dr. Joey Cope, laughed.

When I think of people in my field—the field of peacebuilding—that are “go to,” I think of Dr. Joey Cope. When I was a young graduate student, I was taught by him directly and, I wasn’t always sure that he was sure about my character on a regular basis.

Character counts in the field of mediation. As does age, wisdom and moral rectitude.

However, we are in a field that is being challenged on all sides by technology, the media, the changing nature of politics and many other areas. Technology levels all things and will continue to do so, but character has to count when we deal with the one area that software can’t touch: the human heart.

Dr. Cope is young in thought and energy, but he is an old hat in the area of wisdom, expertise and “been there, done that.”

He is on social media and he is using the new tools we have to spread old wisdom as well as to ask some questions about forgiveness, social justice and the ways in which we choose to communicate.

I hope you have as good a time listening to this interview as I did recording it.

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