[Advice] Gotta Have Faith

An entrepreneurial consultant without faith is a frog without water. She can go on for a while, but eventually the outside of the project becomes hard, crusty and unappealing.


Faith isn’t sexy to talk about, but even the most atheistic entrepreneur has to believe in something—other people, the power of their project—in order to get up, morning after morning and put the work in.

Particularly when it isn’t working.

The savvy entrepreneur builds her project on the basis of analytics, analysis, and raw data; but also, she builds with gut intuition and emotional intelligence.

Faith should not be confused with religion, which even the most successful entrepreneurial consultant, doesn’t talk about out loud.

But, without a good dose of faith, getting up to dig deeper, push harder and take greater risks can only be driven by fear for so long.

-Peace Be With You All-

Jesan Sorrells, MA
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