Cui Bono? Who Benefits From Systems Design

NonVerbal Communication

  • Businesses like human resource departments.
  • Businesses like lawyers and law firms.
  •  Businesses like profits and positive media attention.
  •  Businesses don’t like bad press.
  •  Businesses don’t like lawsuits.
  •  Businesses don’t like regulations, changes or business environment uncertainty.
So, why don’t more businesses have a system, or systems, in place to effectively resolve conflict?
Firing somebody is not always an optimal solution.
Demoting somebody does not solve a problem.
Ignoring and whitewashing issues does not decrease media attention or focus. In fact, it may actually increase the attention.
In a world where everyone is increasingly connected and “on” almost all of the time, it’s more profitable in the long term for a culture to be developed in an organization that allows for conflict—and conflict based issues—to be resolved, rather than ignored, paid-off or hushed up.
But how can businesses get there, from where they are now?
Systems design is the linchpin to developing a coherent and integrated overall organizational culture that can build healthy teams, increase productivity and employee engagement, and increase profits and revenues in the long term.
Culture matters, and in large or small organizations, where multiple people come from multiple backgrounds, representing multiple cultures, intercultural communication can only happen effectively, when an organizational culture exists that promotes openness, honesty and healthy conflict.
Workplace bullying, demotions, loss of productivity, lack of effective forward motion, these are all symptoms of a greater disease. And in a world of brand based, connective media, symptoms can spread a disease faster than any inoculations can stop it.
-Peace Be With You All-
Jesan Sorrells, MA
Principal Conflict Engagement Consultant
Human Services Consulting and Training (HSCT)