[Advice] Coming out of The Dip

The peace building, consultant solopreneur can’t wait until they are “in the mood.”


The fact is, the person building a project, always goes on, whether they feel like it or not.

Case in point:

Last week was not a great week for me; I would like a mulligan for last week.

Nothing went right.

The majority of the days of the week, I wanted to stay in bed and roll over to the other side. I didn’t feel like it.

For the peace building, consultant solopreneur, with no employees, that’s the dip.

Yet, this blog had a new post written, published and distributed every day.

Yet, my children got dropped off at school every day.

Yet, my clients got me on the projects that I was contracted to be on.

Yet, my three new projects for next year also continued being planned and steps were made to move forward in their execution and implementation.

When the peace building consultant solopreneur hits the dip—that moment when that person would rather be in bed, than be out in the world making an argument, making an impact, or making a difference—the hard things is to get up and just do it anyway.

As human beings in an economic and social world only beginning to recover from the hangover of the Industrial Revolution, our responsibility is to do the hard, unsexy things and to motivate ourselves first.

Or, to quote James Altucher, just show up.

That’s how you work, grind and—ultimately escape—the dip.

-Peace Be With You All-

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